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A sunny

I’ve tried ioslide in rmarkdown before. And xaringan today. It looks pretty neat. Here is my quick note of what I have learned

My take on MS ppt / libreoffice impress / ioslide / remark(xaringan):


page separator

  • use --- to separate pages

  • use -- to inherit content in previous page, for incrementally adding points

page property

  • class property: align the entire slides, including left, center,right, top, middle and botom

  • layout property is a bit tricky, avoid it.


  • exoprting it to a pdf has some issues, use dectape.js as :
system("phantomjs decktape.js slides.html slides.pdf")


  • figures are rendered greater than ioslide1


  • column by column:
.pull-left[some stuff]

.pull-right[some other stuff]
  • footnote:

.footnote[[*] Not really. See next page.]
  • alignment element
    • pics and text works too.
.right[![Right-aligned image](]
.right[Right-aligned text]

presentation control

  • press h for an reminder


hmmm I’ll come back if I run into any issues.

  1. it does not fit into the slide

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